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Nelson tweet, a state of disbelief

Sen. Bill Nelson used his Twitter account today to register disbelief at a state proposal to allow drilling within 10 miles of the state’s beaches.

 In two tweets, Nelson wrote, “I can’t believe some Florida lawmakers might actually be serious about allowing oil drilling within ten miles offshore.” And, he wrote,  “They even want to ‘expedite’ permits for refineries in coastal communities.” 

Nelson's office says his tweeted came as oil industry representatives were appearing before a state House committee in support of a new proposal to allow rigs just offshore and to speed up permitting for oil refineries in coastal communities.

Nelson -- and much of the state's congressional delegation -- has long opposed drilling off Florida's coast. Nelson says "there's not enough oil there to justify the risk of ruining the state’s $65-billion tourism-driven economy or to make a dent in the price of energy."