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Sex w/animals still legal? Thank the House.

The Florida House looks like it's going to let bestiality remain a proud tradition in Florida. The Senate unanimously passed the measure. Of course everyone in the House says they're against bestiality. But because the measure didn't clear all of its committees, it probably won't come up in the House, said Rule Chairman Bill Galvano.

"I try to be supportive of the rules," Galvano said, noting that numerous worthwhile bills might not make it through the process.

That said, Galvano said he opposes bestiality.

So does Rep. Baxter Troutman. He never put the measure on his council agenda. "It wasn't something on my list," said Troutman.

Other House members have privately said they don't have time to take the issue up. Indeed. The House right now is on break. Plotting another celebration of boot day, are we? Or how 'bout another Cinco de Mayo celebration before May 5?