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So long to Jesus plate, part 1

Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, backpedaled on his proposed "Trinity" plate featuring an image of "his lord and savior Jesus Christ" with an amendment adopted today (on one bill where the plate appears) that states "the plate shall not include any religious image."

It's unclear what will now appear other than the word "Trinity." The plate benefits the Toomey Foundation for the Natural Sciences.Jesusplate

Siplin today still wasn't sure what the new plate would look like, but said we'd see it when he does. On Monday, Siplin said the thought now is to use maybe a "cross, and some nails and a dove, do the Trinity." But today he said the new language "probably" precludes that.

"Honestly, probably not right now," Siplin said. "There’s an issue with the House so I’m trying not to get them excited over nothing because we don’t want anything to intervene with the budget process."

The amendment was on SB 2326, but the plate also appears in SB 642, which was not taken up.