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Bronson says RPOF 'putting him on the spot' but won't dictate his decision

Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson today acknowledged that the very public appeal by Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer to encourage him to endorse Bill McCollum for governor was "definitely putting me on the spot.''

But, he told the Herald/Times, "they also know I'm going to make my decision based on my issues. I'm not going to allow them to dictate what I'm going to do. I've been a bonafide elected official of this state and a lot of people want me to run.''

Bronson said he will not make a decision today whether or not to enter the governor race, or to stay out. "Today is Bill's day,'' he said.

"Let me just say, I don't want anybody to get the idea that this is an anti-Bill McCollum thing. Bill and I have been friends for years. Ingrid, his wife, we've been friends for years. It has nothing to do with the personal side of this. It has more to do with the office of governor and how important that's going to be.

"There are some out there saying no matter who wins is going to be the greatest loser because this is going to be a tough time to be governor."

Bronson said he is talking to a lot of people and his family "is weighing in heavily." He admits that while they have supported him for the state Senate and agriculture commission races, "when I said I'm thinking of running for governor, it took them back a bit. And it took the party back a pretty good bit.''

He then added: "But it's serious. These are serious issues."

Bronson says he wants issues in the race to include how to bring business back to Florida and get people jobs.

At an informal question and answer period Monday with the Leon County Republican Women's Club, Bronson didn't mention the governor's race except to note the major issues facing the state: the need to improve the economy and come up with "an equitable tax plan that has some reason to it beyond just relying on tourists to come to Disney World.''