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E-mails poke hole in Sansom case

Three days after Rep. Ray Sansom first denied a taxpayer-funded college building would benefit a friend's corporate jet business, architects were modifying the plans to accommodate "multiple aircraft."

The move, complete with plans to add trench drains for airplane fluids, appears in a December 2008 e-mail to officials at Northwest Florida State College that became public only this week.

In an April 2008 e-mail, the college president affirms the developer's plan to use part of the building. "Whereas we are committed to the idea of leasing unused space back to you, we need to see how the square footage works out in the planning. I look forward to seeing you at your office at 10:00 tomorrow," Bob Richburg writes to Jay Odom.

Those e-mails and hundreds of others provided to investigators (the college claims it did not previously know about the documents) cast more light on a scandal that resulted in new grand jury indictments Wednesday against Sansom and his developer friend Odom. (story here)