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King blasts Hialeah's 'better than whole' deal

The Florida Senate voted 31-9 for the gambling bill after Sen. Jim King, R-Jacksonville, took "some umbrage" for what we've done for Hialeah Race track. Under the bill, the historic race course is revived, allowed to race quarterhorses, eventually thoroughbreds and run slot machines within two years.

 "We have a facility that has never ever comported itself to making deals...I go back 10,000 years and I still remember the scars,'' he said, a reference to Hialeah owner John Brunetti whom King believes has backed down on agreements of the past. "Not only are they in the mix, but they are also given the opportunity to run slots...

"My hat goes off to the Miami-Dade delegation...but that doesn't make it right. You have an entity here that has paid no money whatesover and now they're not only going to be whole but better than whole.''

"That doesn't make it right for those of us who've been here and who have seen what's right..I only hope...that this track and this owner will comply with good intentions.''