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Rubio's wife takes forever to blow-dry her hair

See what you're missing if you're not on Twitter?

Former Florida House Speaker and U.S. Senate candidate Marco RubioGoing out to dinner with my wife for the first time in almost two months. Any suggestions in Coral Gables...I had forgotten how long it takes my wife Jeanette to get ready to go out. I still hear blow dryer working in there. We r going to be late!...Ok called and moved reservations to 9. Blower is off I think my wife Jeanette is almost ready to leave. Cross your fingers....After 1 1/2 hours Jeanette is ready to go. We are off to dinner in Coral Gables. Goodnight!

Rubio also ponders the national deficit. Intensely. I still can not get over the fact that Dominic my youngest who is only 20 months old owns $37,000 worth of our national debt.

Twitter is for things that make you want to go "Hmmmmm." Read all about Florida's political twittering class here.