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Sink's closed-door policy

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, who put her office's contracts online and called for the state to post all plane trips by elected officials, prides herself on "openness and transparency." 

Yet after announcing she is running for governor, she refused to let reporters into her fundraisers this week in Tallahassee and Fort Lauderdale.

Here's her explanation: "We're in a whole different media world now. It's a world in which every sentence that comes out of my mouth is on the blog. It's immediate. It's real time. You're walking around with cameras and videotapes. I'm a public official and I expect that because I chose to be in the public eye, but I have friends and supporters who aren't accustomed to having the media in their face and worrying about what they're saying or not saying, and they have a right to privacy.''

More on the fledgling campaigns for higher office by Sink and Gov. Charlie Crist is here.