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Top Gun Jeff Kottkamp's error

Pretend for a second you're the Lt. Governor of the fourth-most populous state in the nation with one of the worst economies. But as people's finances deteriorated, you suggested the media was hyping the troubles. And you used the taxpayer-supplied state plane to shuttle back and forth from Tallahassee to your home in Fort Myers. And you get rapped for it. Then you have an FHP guard drive you back and forth from home and the Capitol.And you get rapped for it.

What don't you then do? You don't take your family on a taxpayer supported drive to Atlanta. You don't go there for the birthday of a man who lobbies on behalf of a host of special interests. And most importantly: You don't go to see Kenny Loggins.

Kenny freakin' Loggins? Yup. Forget about the awful image of the 80s. The guy who gets heat for flying around the state goes to a concert of the guy who did a song for a movie about flying around: Top Gun. Chorus: "Highway to the danger zone." So true, politically. Especially if an FHP guard is behind the wheel.

A big beneficiary from Kottkamp's latest travel travails: State Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink. She has been on a crusade over saving taxpayers money. Such a crusade that she spent $2,400 to fly to a news conference.. to say she's saving money.