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Viva Obama!

That was the greeting for the president as he kicked off the White House's first Town Hall conducted solely in Spanish. Obama popped in for a surprise visit, noting his remarks (mostly in English) "were kind of messing up the whole thing." 

The subject of the town hall -- the swine flu.

"We're all in this together," he told the audience. "We're one country, we're one community. When one person gets sick, that has the potential of making us all sick. And when we help to make everybody well, one person well, then everybody has the potential to get well. We can’t be divided by communities."

He confined his remarks in Spanish to an "hola" and two "muchas gracias," but mangled a bit of English, noting, "This H1N1 flu obviously has hit Mexico much more badly than it's hit us so far."

The White House called the Latino Town Hall "an unprecedented effort to engage our nation's largest minority group." The event was moderated by Univision anchor Edna Schmidt.