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Rubio says he's not playing hardball with Matthews

Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio said his Iran-related tweet that elicited a jab from MSNBC's Chris Matthews wasn't aimed at getting national publicity. "I'm not quite that cunning,'' Rubio quipped after giving a speech tonight in Hallandale Beach, insisting that he didn't know Matthews had talked about him on his show.

Rubio's recent tweet: "I have a feeling the situation in Iran would be a little different if they had a 2nd amendment like ours" drew this response from Matthews:  "Wow, things would be different if the protesters had the constitutional right to bear arms to fight back against the Iranian Guard? I hadn't thought of that.  Then again, it wouldn't really be a non-violent protest, would it Mr. Rubio, if the non-violent protesters were walking around with guns."

The former House Speaker said tonight that he wasn't advocating violence. "I think the Second Amendment is a fundamental right,'' he said.