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Sink hires a lawyer and McCollum draws an ethics complaint

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink has hired lawyer Mark Herron to represent her in her ethics complaint on charges that she used the state plane to transport her family and to commute to her Tampa home. Tallahassee lawyer and Republican activist Jose Blas Lorenzo filed the complaint against Sink.

Meanwhile Democratic activist Ken Quinnell brags today on his Twitter page that he's just filed a complaint against Attorney General Bill McCollum ''for misuse of the state plane.'' No word back from Quinnell, but stay tuned.

The Herald/Times reported today that as far back as February state auditors began examining the state aircraft manifest and found numerous examples of possible commuting by state officials. The investigation seems to have avoided any review of Gov. Charlie Crist's flight logs but it gave a detailed review of Sink's trips to Tampa and McCollum's trips to Sanford, raising questions about whether they were traveling home for official business or personal convenience.

The audit was prompted after the Sun-Sentinel broke the story that Lieutenant Gov. Jeff Kottkamp had used the state plane to travel to his Fort Myers home with his wife and family, and the state never billed him for reimbursement.