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Crist's bottom line barely budged in 2008

Charlie Crist's personal bottom line showed a slight uptick in 2008, but he remains the least affluent statewide officeholder in Florida. In a financial statement and copy of a federal tax return filed with the Commission on Ethics, Crist lists a net worth of $466,000, up from $457,000 the previous year. Because Crist does not own a home, apparently carries no credit card debt and lives in the Governor's Mansion, he has very little overhead.

The only real change in his financial condition was growth of about $7,000 in an IRA and investment account. The accounts are held in a revocable trust that is managed by Crist's father, Dr. Charles Crist of St. Petersburg, and Robert Martinez, a member of the state Board of Education and attorney in Coral Gables who helped manage Crist's transition to power in 2007.  

According to his tax return, Crist owed the IRS $1,438 after paying less tax than required. Last year he got a refund of $1,793. He also claimed a refund of $1,104 for payment of state and local sales taxes. Another change on Crist's tax return: his marital status, married to Carole Lynn Crist. They filed separately.   

-- Steve Bousquet