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Negron, facing MoveOn 'operatives,' seeks absentee votes

Joe Negron, the Republican running for Ken Pruitt's Senate seat in a special election next month, is stepping up efforts to collect absentee ballots in the wake of a last-minute push against him by MoveOn.org.

In a note to supporters today, Negron says MoveOn has "sent operatives into Senate District 28 to help turn out the vote" for Democratic opponent Bill Ramos in the final 10 days of the special election campaign. (Pruitt is stepping down early). So Negron, the frontrunner, is "ramping up" efforts to collect all absentee ballots.

Here's the note he just sent:

Re:  MoveOn.org

Dear Friend,
I just learned late yesterday that MoveOn.org has sent operatives into Senate District 28 to help turn out the vote for my opponent in the final 10 days of this campaign.
Thanks to your hard work and support, my campaign is doing very well and I am confident that we will win the race on August 4.  However, I am not taking anything for granted, particularly in a special election with an expected low turn-out.   I take MoveOn.org seriously because I saw first hand how effective they were in helping President Obama win Florida in the 2008 Election. 
In response to MoveOn.org's decision to get involved in this race, I am ramping up our efforts to collect all of the absentee ballots from my supporters that have not yet been returned to the Supervisor of Elections.  This project includes a letter from Governor Jeb Bush (with postage for an absentee ballot to be returned), as well as door-to-door canvassing and phone banks.  The cost of this additional effort will be about $50,000.
The reason MoveOn.org wants my opponent to win is simple.  My opponent wants to increase sales taxes, begin a new tax on Internet purchases and implement a 9 percent payroll tax to fund universal, single-payer health care.  On the other hand, I think the last thing we need to do during these tough times is raise taxes on Florida's families and businesses.  I believe government should tighten its belt the same way the American people are doing.
I need your help.  Would you be willing to make a small contribution of $25, $100 or $50 to my campaign so I can make sure we aggressively counter MoveOn.org's plans?  You can contribute to my campaign through my website, which is www.joenegron.com, or by mailing a check payable to the Joe Negron Campaign, P.O. Box 1816, Stuart, FL  34995.  Since the Election is right around the corner, I hope you can respond today.