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No mystery here: 'User' of Sansom's airport building was Odom

A Northwest Florida State College spokeswoman, Sylvia Bryan, has repeatedly refused to answer a simple but critical question: Who is the "user" of a  planned airport building at Destin Airport.

We've also gotten silence from the architect who wrote the e-mail saying he had it "confirmed" that the user of the "staging area" would store multiple aircraft in the building. The e-mail is important not only for what it confirms, but also because it came three days after Rep. Ray Sansom first insisted to the Times/Herald that there was never a plan for his friend Jay Odom to use the building.

Now a college official sheds light on what was already obvious. "Do you know who the identity is of the user of the staging area is," state investigator Jim Anderson asked vice president Gary Yancey in an interview July 21. (The interview, taken under oath, and others were made public today.)

"No," Yancey replied. Do you have an idea of who that would have been? "My assumption is that when I got that that he was referring to Destin Jet," which is Odom's corporate jet business.

Yancey said it was his intention all along to make the building a hangar, so "we could possibly park airplanes in there. It didn't matter who was doing it." Anderson asked if there were discussions about anyone other than Destin Jet using the space. "Only theoretically. I mean, we never mentioned anybody by name."

Did you mention Destin Jet by name? "Oh, yes."