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Sink raises $2.4 million for gov's race

Democratic candidate for governor Alex Sink has just announced that she's raised over $1.28 million in the second fundraising quarter from April 1 through June 30, bringing her total to $2.4 million raised for her 2010 campaign. Her Republican rival, Bill McCollum, has yet to announce his totals.

"I am overwhelmed by the continued outpouring of support from everyday Floridians who are ready for a new and different kind of leader," Sink said in a statement. "Floridians are coming together to send a clear message that they are tired of politics as usual in Tallahassee."

She reports receiving contributions from 3,402 individuals who gave an average of $243. The campaign said she received 1,310 online donations that totaled over $209,000. They also note that 92% of contributors were from the state of Florida. She has $2.1 million cash on hand.

Sink's haul far exceeds her take when she ran for CFO. She didn't file then until 8/30/05, and her first two quarters brought in $474,091.