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Wasserman Schultz: Fox News Sunday's "Power Player"

Fox News Sunday has dubbed Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz its "Classic Power Player" this week and says it will have the Broward Democrat on Sunday to talk about "her own personal, and public, fight with breast cancer."

She could've qualified as a Classic Power Player as well for her propensity in pulling down federal dollars for her congressional district. Wasserman Schultz, who chairs one of the House appropriations subcommittees, said today she's nabbed $40 million worth of earmarks this year's budget bills -- twice as much as the rising Democratic star did a year ago. (And with a broken leg, no less)

Though the projects -- dubbed earmarks and derided as pork barrel spending -- have their critics, (see earlier post on Wasserman Schultz earmarks), the rep says they account for less than 1 percent of the federal budget and help Floridians -- who pay more in federal taxes than they get back, get their fair share.

The full list of her earmarks follows the jump.

Name: Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative
Title: U.S. Agricultural Research Laboratory Canal Point, FL, Sugar Cane for Energy Research
Amount: $3,422,000
Purpose: Funding for personnel and equipment at the ARS Sugarcane Field Station, Canal Point, FL, to evaluate sugarcane germplasm under high-stress, low-input production systems for sugar and energy production.
Address: Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative, 1500 West Sugarhouse Road, Belle Glade, FL 33430

Commerce, Justice, Science
Name: National Marine Fisheries Service
Title: Shrimp Industry Fishing Effort Research
Amount: $700,000
Purpose: To continue Electronic Logbook deployment and data analysis to determine shrimp fishery compliance with federal regulations to reduce by catch and rebuild the red snapper resource.
Address: National Marine Fisheries Services, 1315 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Name: Nova Southeastern University
Title: National Coral Reef Institute
Amount: $200,000
Purpose: A 2000 NOAA and Broward County economic analysis report calculated that Southeast Florida Coral Reefs and related ecosystems in 4 Florida Counties generated over 71,000 jobs and over $6 billion in sales and income revenue (in year 2000 dollars. FY10 funding will ensure the continued economic contributions and vitality of coral reefs through NCRI's coral reef research, monitoring, restoration, and mitigation activities in the US, including southeast Florida the Atlantic, and the Caribbean.
Address: Nova Southeastern University, 3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

Name: City of Hollywood
Title: Law Enforcement Technology
Amount: $400,000
Purpose: The Department purchased Toughbook laptop computers for every Officer/Community Service Officer in the field (approximately 350). Funds were also used to purchase peripheral equipment (microphones, ergonomic mounts and docking station, drivers license readers, printers, etc.). Officer safety has been dramatically improved by providing vital, real-time information to Officers (mug shots, criminal history information, mapping programs) as well as real-time Homeland Security Alerts. Prior to the technology upgrade, Officers would copy Alerts or BOLO's and hand deliver them to Officers in the field (causing long delays in receiving important information) instead of emailing important data. While the technology equipment has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of our Officers, the equipment is in its sixth year of use. Due to the rigors of a law enforcement environment, much of the equipment has been sent to the vendor for repair and the laptops will have to be replaced in the near future.
Address: City of Hollywood, 3250 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, FL 33021

Name: City of Sunny Isles Beach
Title: Law Enforcement and Communications Equipment
Amount: $200,000
Purpose: The City of Sunny Isles Beach will utilize a Community Advisory Radio system to broadcast emergency/safety information via an AM Radio station to residents and visitors throughout the city limits. This system will also transmit the NOAA weather alerts / advisories via this AM Station. In non-emergency times, this energy-efficient system can also be used to broadcast local points of interest and community events.
Address: City of Sunny Isles Beach, 18070 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

Name: City of Tamarac
Title: Law Enforcement Communications Equipment
Amount: $300,000
Purpose: Federal funding is requested to improve the interoperability of the City’s first responder and utility communications.
Address: City of Tamarac, 7525 Northwest 88th Avenue, Tamarac, FL 33321

Name: Town of Southwest Ranches
Title: Emergency Operations Center
Amount: $500,000
Purpose: Funding will go toward construction of an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that provides for coordinated emergency response and continuity of operations following a hurricane or other disaster.

Name: City of Miami Beach
Title: After School Gang and drug Prevention Program
Amount: $500,000
Purpose: Continued After-School and Summer programs ensure youth “growing-up” within the system. These youth are less likely to entertain outside and detrimental participation in other unsupervised activities, such as involvement in gangs and/or drugs. Participation in the recently created Teen Intervention Program in North Beach has increased dramatically during the past year, as have the various programmatic offerings by the City.
Address: City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Name: Miami-Dade County
Title: Mortgage Fraud Task Force
Amount: $150,000
Purpose: The funding for this project would be used for the creation of a mortgage fraud task force national model to train law enforcement individuals in those identified communities which represent the ten (10) highest concentrated areas affected by mortgage fraud. The Miami-Dade County Mortgage Fraud Task Force will serve as a national model based on its proven performance. The national model will be coordinated by Miami-Dade County and administered by the United States Department of Justice.
Address: Miami-Dade County, 111 NW 1st Street, Suite 1032, Miami, FL 33128

Name: St Thomas University
Title: Human Trafficking Initiative
Amount: $500,000
Purpose: St. Thomas University, a Hispanic-serving institution, seeks support for an initiative that will provide essential educational and training services to law enforcement, immigration services, government employees directly involved with service providing to trafficking victims, as well as to private organizations and individuals as well as to generate awareness of this growing problem in the general public. The School of Law is committed to human rights—dedicated to training the next generation of human rights leaders and advocates through its LL.M. and J.S.D. Programs in Intercultural Human Rights, and through the direct services of the Human Rights Institute.
Address: St. Thomas University, 16401 Northwest 37th Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33054

Name: Forever Family, Inc.
Title: Child Safety and Adoption Initiative
Amount: $400,000
Purpose: FY10 funding will be used to expand Forever Family’s recruitment and awareness efforts throughout the state. Expanding these efforts will have a dramatic effect on reducing crime, alcohol and drug abuse, and homelessness among this targeted population of youth, particularly those transitioning out of the foster care system. Funding will also be used for emergency resources and special media projects.
Address: Forever Family, Inc., 24th Southeast 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Name: Ohel Children's Home and Family Services
Title: At Risk Youth and Child Abuse Prevention Program
Amount: $200,000
Purpose: The program interacts with students and includes the use of role playing, small discussion groups, videos, and modeling exercises that use current topics of discussion. Training is provided for teachers, guidance counselors and principals and workshop for parents emphasize communication with children. Through community seminars Ohel offers public forums for parents, educators and community leaders on topics including self esteem, conflict resolution (bullying, anger management etc), relationship building (social skills training, peer pressure etc), and prevention of at risk behaviors such as eating disorders, gambling and abuse.
Address: Ohel Children, 4233 Sheridan Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Name: PACE Center for Girls, Inc.
Title: PACEWorks!
Amount: $400,000
Purpose: For the development of PACEWorks!, a comprehensive transition services program for girls and young women in Broward and Duval counties to facilitate their successful transition from school to post-school activities including post-secondary and vocational education, integrated employment, continuing education, independent living, and civic engagement. PACEWorks! will ensure that girls and young women at-risk of involvement with the criminal justice system have the supports and skills they require to be healthy, resourceful, and involved citizens in our communities with strong prospects for achieving financial independence. PACE Center for Girls is a 501(c) 3 prevention program serving more than 2,300 adolescent at-risk girls across Florida annually. PACE is the only statewide gender responsive prevention program in the country and has been recognized by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s Girls Study Group, the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s KidsCount Report and the Children’s Defense Fund as an effective national program model for reducing recidivism and improving school success amongst girls.
Address: PACE Center for Girls, Inc., 1 West Adams Street, Suite 301, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Name: The ARISE Foundation
Title: Life-Management Skills Intervention/Re-entry Program for High Risk Youth in Washington
Amount: $550,000
Purpose: The ARISE program provides both staff training and educational materials for teaching life lessons to incarcerated and at-risk youth through interactive methods that help develop critical thinking skills needed to break the cycle of violence and crime that would otherwise doom many juvenile offenders and at-risk youth to tragic lives of gang involvement, crime, drugs, prison, disease and poverty. In addition to coordinating and conducting training sessions and providing materials, ARISE regularly and systematically evaluates and supports programs in several ways, including: weekly contact reports to evaluate program goals and progress; bi-weekly telephone contact with participating facilities; instructor surveys to ensure quality control and provide extra staff support; exit surveys completed by participants; chapter quizzes and assessments to test participating juveniles on materials covered; and, through data analysis and focus groups to monitor program success in each facility. This program is administered in over 30 organizations in Washington, D.C.
Address: The ARISE Foundation, 824 US Highway 1, Suite 240, North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Name: Memorial Healthcare System
Title: Brain Interventional-Surgical Hybrid Initiative
Amount: $3,000,000
Purpose: For research and construction of a Brain Interventional-Surgical Hybrid. The Brain Interventional-Surgical Hybrid Initiative incorporates clinical research to develop therapeutic approaches to enable the human nervous system to recover from major trauma involving blunt or penetrating brain injury or brain attack brought on by mass lesion, disease or pre-existing vascular abnormality triggered by head trauma. This integrated research program addresses traumatic brain injury, one of the most significant types of casualty being experienced by our military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as by civilian populations affected by these conflicts.
Address: Memorial Healthcare System, 3501 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL 33021

Name: Jackson Health System
Title: Military Trauma Training Enhancement Initiative
Amount: $2,500,000
Purpose: The Army Trauma Training Center, in cooperation with Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center has functioned as a national training center for Army forward surgical teams since 2002. The Army chose Jackson's trauma center as the Army Trauma Training Center site because it offers Army medical personnel exposure to a high volume of traumatic injuries that closely mimic those seen on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. The real-life training that Jackson provides is vital to the success of patient care on the battlefield.
Address: Jackson Health System, 1611 NW 12th Avenue, Miami, FL 33136

Name: St. Thomas University
Title: Neuroscience Research Consortium to Study Spinal Cord Injury
Amount: $1,500,000
Purpose: St. Thomas University, a Minority-Serving Institution, requests FY2010 funding to support the study of central nervous system regeneration following traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) to benefit the rehabilitation of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with these injuries. To carry out this research, we propose the continued establishment of a research consortium in a partnership with researchers at the Spinal Cord Repair Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, who will translate the results of this research to a clinical setting.
Address: St. Thomas University, 16401 Northwest 37th Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33054

Name: Barry University
Title: Institute for Collaborative Sciences
Amount: $2,600,000
Purpose: The Institute will continue the expansion and renovation of Barry’s teaching and research facilities to prepare minority leaders in the science professions. Additionally, the Institute will facilitate nationally valuable research and address the nation’s shortage of healthcare professionals.
Address: Barry University, 11300 Northeast Second Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33161

Name: Florida Atlantic University
Title: Characterization and Exploitation of Magnetic and Electric Fields in the Coastal Ocean Environment
Amount: $2,500,000
Purpose: To develop capabilities to cancel or reduce the magnetic signatures of ships and submarines in order to protect them from magnetically-triggered buried mines in coastal waters as well as in support of developing advanced technologies for new ships.
Address: Florida Atlantic University, 5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Name: General Dynamics
Title: JTRS Handheld Manpack Small Form Factor (HMS) Radio System
Amount: $4,500,000
Purpose: Continued development of the Joint Tactical Radio System, Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit (JTRS HMS) and to develop an alternative vehicular and man-portable network capable radio. HMS is a family of 13 radios that will provide ground forces with secure networked voice, data, and video communications at the smallest possible size (as small as 8.8 inches), and lowest weight (as light as 0.55 lb), power, and cost. By connecting individual soldiers, sensors, and robotic platforms to the global digital network, HMS provides increased security and combat effectiveness through improved situational awareness and networked voice communications.
Address: General Dynamics C4 Systems, 1000 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway, Sunrise, FL 33323

Name: Florida Atlantic University
Title: Underwater Imaging and Communications Using Lasers
Amount: $2,000,000
Purpose: To continue the development and adaptation of laser technology created for imaging for use in communications.
Address: Florida Atlantic University, 5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Energy and Water
Name: Miami-Dade County
Title: Miami Harbor Channel
Amount: $600,000
Purpose: General reevaluation, report implementation, preconstruction, engineering, and design for the dredging of Miami Harbor.
Address: Miami-Dade County, 111 Northwest 1st Street, Suite 1032, Miami, FL 33128

Name: Miami-Dade County
Title: Miami River
Amount: $777,000
Purpose: This request is for the final phase of the Miami River Dredging Project to restore authorized depth and width to the navigation channel. This project, funded by the US Army Corps of Engineers with a coalition of local sponsors led by Miami-Dade County, removes contaminated sediments from the Miami River, Florida’s 4th largest port with an economic value of $4 billion.
Address: Miami-Dade County, 111 Northwest 1st Street, Suite 1032, Miami, FL 33128

Name: Florida Atlantic University, SeaTech Campus
Title: National Open-ocean Energy Laboratory
Amount: $800,000
Purpose: The Center for Ocean Energy Technology (COET) at Florida Atlantic University proposes to designate the center as a National Open-ocean Energy Laboratory (NOEL) with the goal of advancing research, development, and demonstration of open-ocean current systems to help guide the development of a commercial marine energy industry in the United States. The designation of a new national laboratory would build upon the existing activities of COET and its partner capabilities. Ocean current, and thermal power will be the focus areas of experimental research testing. COET is building the capability, infrastructure, expertise and strategic partnership needed to develop and deploy commercially-viable ocean energy systems to assist the Nation in managing its energy crisis.
Address: Florida Atlantic University, 101 North Beach Road, Dania Beach, FL 33004

Name: City of Tamarac
Title: Tamarac Solar Energy Program
Amount: $800,000
Purpose: Federal funding is requested to retrofit 6 City of Tamarac, Florida facilities with solar panels.
Address: City of Tamarac, 7525 Northwest 88th Avenue, Tamarac, FL 33321

Name: Florida A & M University
Title: Fusion Energy Spheromak Turbulent Plasma Experiment
Amount: $5,000,000
Purpose: A spheromak-type reactor could generate energy from fusion at a much lower cost and greater efficiency than tokamak-type reactors since it would require far fewer magnets. A spheromak reactor would be less difficult to construct and less expensive to maintain since it is much simpler than a tokamak. New scientific advances in physics offer tools for longer lasting and hotter spheromak plasmas. These areas would benefit all of fusion science and technology.
Address: Florida A & M University, 1601 Martin Luther King Jr., Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32307

Name: Barry University
Title: Institute for Collaborative Sciences Research
Amount: $1,200,000
Purpose: The Institute will continue the expansion and renovation of Barry’s teaching and research facilities to prepare minority leaders in the science professions. Additionally, the Institute will facilitate nationally valuable research and address the nation’s shortage of healthcare professionals.
Address: Barry University, 11300 Northeast Second Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33161

Name: Broward County
Title: Port Everglades Harbor Dredging
Amount: $825,000
Purpose: A feasibility study conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has determined that in order to serve Port Everglades’ current and future shipping tenants, deeper and wider channels are required. The Port has been working with the Army Corps of Engineers since 1997 on a feasibility study to determine the most effective way to deepen and widen Port channels. The study will recommend widening and deepening the Outer and Inner Entrance Channels; the Main Turning Basin; and the Southport Access Channel (including the Turning Notch), a possible new turning facility at the intersection of the Dania Cutoff Canal and the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as improvements on the Dania Cutoff Canal.
Address: Broward County, 115 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Name: Florida Inland Navigation District
Title: Intracoastal Waterway, Jacksonville to Miami, FL
Amount: $4,500,000
Purpose: Funds would be used to dredge the IWW in two locations: (1) Matanzas Inlet (St. Johns County) and in the vicinity of St. Augustine. In addition, funds will be used to (1) Restoration of Dredged Material Management Area in St. Johns County and (2) Construction of Dredged Material Management Area in Indian River County. Restoration of Dredged Material Management Area SJ-14 in St. Johns County is required by State Environmental Officials.
Address: Florida Inland Navigation District, 1314 Marcinski Road, Jupiter, FL 33477

Financial Services
Name: Safe Kids USA
Title: Safety Service Program for Families in Need
Amount: $125,000
Purpose: To provide free or low-cost safety devices and culturally-relevant educational materials to economically disadvantaged families across the country, especially in the D.C. metropolitan area.
Address: Safe Kids USA, 1301 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20004

Name: The Washington Center
Title: Academic Space
Amount: $125,000
Purpose: Funding would be used as construction and “build out” for one half floor of “academic space” on the first floor of the new $38 million, 140,000 square foot student residential facility currently under construction at 1005 3rd St. NE. This “academic space” will have 6 classrooms, a computer room and multi-purpose/meeting space for larger lectures, community service activities and civic engagement related academic programming.
Address: The Washington Center, 1333 16th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20036

Name: Whitman-Walker Clinic
Title: Whitman-Walker Clinic Health Care Delivery
Amount: $100,000
Purpose: The funds requested will aid in the general delivery of services to the uninsured and neediest citizens in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The declining state of the economy has already forced the Clinic to outsource some programs and lay off up to 45 employees by the end of the first quarter of 2009. A combination of declining revenues and an increase in new patients coming to the Clinic for uncompensated health care has led Whitman-Walker to take painful but necessary actions.
Address: Whitman-Walker Clinic, 1701 14th St Northwest, Washington, DC 20009

Name: Barry University
Title: Institute for Community and Economic Development
Amount: $100,000
Purpose: The Barry University Institute for Community and Economic Development proposes to continue to expand its reach and leverage its new Entrepreneurial Institute, dedicated to poverty elimination through the development of entrepreneurial skills in the community.
Address: 11300 Northeast Second Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33161

Name: Miami Dade College
Title: Institute for Intermodal Transportation
Amount: $300,000
Purpose: Miami Dade College (MDC) is seeking federal funds for the design, planning, and construction of an Institute for Intermodal Transportation at the School of Aviation. Through the Institute for Intermodal Transportation, small businesses would be able to invest in workforce development programs such as project management, managing time and budget, and negotiating expertise. Hence, the Institute will address comprehensive solutions for all modes of transportation, combining academic and “real world” experience.
Address: Miami Dade College, 300 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33132

Homeland Security
Name: City of Lauderdale Lakes
Title: Lauderdale Lakes Public Safety/Emergency Operations Facility Project
Amount: $750,000
Purpose: Funds to renovate an existing library facility into a permanent Emergency Operations Facility. This will allow for continuity of government, hazard mitigation, coordination of emergency services and communications, to better serve the community during emergencies and disasters in contrast to the current use of a conference room in City Hall.
Address: City of Lauderdale Lakes, 4300 Northwest 36th Street, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319

Name: City of Sunrise
Title: EOC Pre-Disaster Mitigation
Amount: $750,000
Purpose: The construction an emergency operations center (EOC) that provides for coordinated emergency response and continuity of operations following a hurricane or other disaster.
Address: City of Sunrise, 10770 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Sunrise, FL 33351

Name: City of Miami Beach
Title: Storm Surge Emergency Power Protection
Amount: $750,000
Purpose: Construction of a disaster resistant, centralized, redundant, 5-bay power facility for Mount Sinai Medical Center. Mount Sinai’s role as the primary community health care provider mandates that immediate steps be taken to ensure that all services and facilities are secure and stable during disaster events. This initiative will mitigate the effects of future hurricanes and flooding through the following realignment of facilities and infrastructure.
Address: City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Name: Jackson Health System
Title: Hurricane Mitigation Structural Reinforcement Initiative
Amount: $500,000
Purpose: Funding will used to structurally reinforce and fortify Jackson's Ryder Trauma Center to withstand higher category storms.
Address: Jackson Health System, 1611 Northwest 12th Avenue, Miami, FL 33136

Name: City of Sunrise
Title: Southwest Water Reclamation System
Amount: $1,000,000
Purpose: Sunrise is prepared to proceed with the implementation of a full scale project at the SW WWTF that would result in the reclamation of 1 million gallons per day that would enhance sustainability of the regional water supply system and protect the Everglades. The costs of this project are estimated at $20 Million, which substantially exceed the costs of other less sustainable water supplies. Sunrise is asking for support in its commitment to sustainable alternative water supply development and assistance with funding the water reclamation components of the project that includes reverse osmosis (RO), advance oxidation process (AOP) and rehydration wells, which would otherwise be beyond the City’s budget for water supply development.
Address: City of Sunrise, 10770 West Oakland Park Boulevard, Sunrise, FL 33351

Labor, Health and Human Services, Education
Title: Skills for Life Online (K-12 Internet Safety Curriculum)
Amount: $500,000
Purpose: The purpose of the funding request is to develop curricula for Internet safety for grades 5-9 to be distributed via the Internet free of charge. To properly address the needs of students and the government mandate, LOOKBOTHWAYS is creating a curriculum that educates and teaches actionable skills -- empowering and motivating children towards safe and appropriate online interactions. This is a much needed step as the skills that students need to act safely and appropriately online are largely lacking.
Address: LOOKBOTHWAYS, 280 Quincy Street, Suite A, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Name: United Way Miami
Title: Center for Excellence in Early Education
Amount: $300,000
Purpose: To support the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education (the Center) in its work to elevate the quality of early care and education programs so that all children start school eager and ready to learn.
Address: United Way Miami, 3250 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33129

Name: St Thomas University
Title: Science and Computer Advancement Center for Elementary Education
Amount: $300,000
Purpose: STU proposes to extend its outreach to the community by offering a professional development program to advance the teaching of science and technology in elementary schools in Miami-Dade County. To carry out this program, we propose to evaluate existing instructional technology in science and computer education and formulate a special and systematic development for elementary teachers, in conjunction with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Address: St. Thomas University, 16401 Northwest 37th Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL 33054

Name: Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Foundation
Title: Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness-Education-Study Project
Amount: $100,000
Purpose: This funding is requested to (1) develop education and awareness programs to increase awareness among targeted groups about Chronic Kidney Disease in the U.S. population by 20 percent. Current awareness rates remain flat at around 12 percent despite the increasing prevalence of CKD, according to data from the NIH. (2) Improve the compliance rate of CKD patients embracing kidney-healthy behaviors. The compliance rate will be compared to current industry standards. (3) Commission a study to establish benchmarks for awareness levels of kidney-healthy behaviors and compare them against recently released NIH benchmarks. Such a study would also help determine the best methods for disseminating information regarding CKD and how to prevent it to consumers.
Address: PKD Foundation, 9221 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64114

Name: Camillus House, Inc.
Title: Construction of New Behavioral Health Facility for Homeless
Amount: $500,000
Purpose: For facilities and equipment for Camillus House's new behavioral health facility for the homeless.
Address: Camillus House, Inc., 336 Northwest Fifth Street, Miami, FL 33128

Name: Jackson Health System
Title: Health Information Technology Infrastructure Upgrades
Amount: $500,000
Purpose: To upgrade Jackson Health System's health information technology infrastructure.
Address: Jackson Health System, 1611 Northwest 12th Avenue, Miami, FL 33136

Name: Memorial Healthcare System
Title: Breast Services Expansion Initiative
Amount: $450,000
Purpose: Funding would be used for expansion of the Mobile Mammography Van program, to provide a comprehensive breast cancer outreach and screening program to medically underserved minority women in Broward and northern Miami-Dade Counties. As the demand for breast services increases each year, it will be crucial that MHS continue to grow and expand these services to provide increased access to breast diagnosis and care following screening, particularly for the medically underserved and uninsured.
Address: Memorial Healthcare System, 3501 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL 33021

Name: Miami Children's Hospital
Title: Miami Children's Hospital Congenital Heart Institute Pediatric Cardiac Hybrid Suites
Amount: $450,000
Purpose: Funding would improve the outcome for children with congenital heart disease through the construction of two new Hybrid Suites to maximize the potential of the tools and procedures that have been developed in Miami and elsewhere over the last 14 years. These adjoining hybrid suites will feature: full cardiac operating room capabilities including cardiopulmonary bypass, dedicated pediatric cardiac anesthesia, state of the art hybrid cardiac surgical/interventional table, low dose digital flat panel imaging technology and operating room ventilation and temperature control.
Address: Miami Children, 3100 Southwest 62nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33155

Name: University of Florida
Title: Florida Breast Cancer Nanotechnology Network
Amount: $350,000
Purpose: Led by UF, FBCNN’s mission will be to engender dramatic improvements in the detection, management, and treatment of breast cancer by bringing together synergistic research expertise from across the State of Florida. The formation of this Network will spur new, innovative solutions for cancer diagnosis, staging and treatment, creating new high tech jobs as well as national and international recognition for the State of Florida as leaders in this important field. FBCNN will catalyze and fortify cross-institutional research at the interface of bio- and nanoscience, carving a path for innovation and excellence throughout the State.
Address: University of Florida, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611

Name: Covenant House Florida
Title: Expansion of Covenant House Florida's Young Adults Enrichment Services (Y.E.S.) Program
Amount: $550,000
Purpose: CHF will expand its Y.E.S. program serves homeless and runaway youth in a unique transitional living program including job readiness training, a path towards a GED, youth leadership development, etc.
Address: Covenant House Florida, 733 Breakers Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Name: Young at Art Children’s Museum
Title: The Global Village: A Gateway to Cultural Understanding
Amount: $100,000
Purpose: To establish The Global Village, a 4,000 sq. ft. immersive educational experience that will diminish prejudices, break racial barriers, foster cross-cultural respect and help children and families to build a more understanding and equitable society. 300,000 children and adults annually will be impacted by this important educational opportunity.
Notes: Young at Art Children, 11584 West State Road 84, Davie, FL 33325

Transportation, Housing and Urban Development
Name: Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida
Title: Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) Safety Improvements
Amount: $1,750,000
Purpose: The funds requested will be used to create east and west turn lanes on Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) into the Miccosukee Tribe's Headquarter at Mile Marker 68 and 70. The funds will be used for the clearing & grubbing, excavation, embankment, asphalt, guardrails and traffic stripes needed to create the turn lanes and widen the Tamiami Trail entrance.
Address: Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida, Mile Marker 70, U.S. 41 Tamiami Trail, Miami, FL 33134

Name: Town of Southwest Ranches
Title: Improvements to I-75 Interchange at Griffin Road
Amount: $1,000,000
Purpose: The Florida Department of Transportation (District 4) and the Broward County MPO both support the critical need to urbanize the intersection for reducing accidents and increasing flow. The three municipalities of Southwest Ranches, Davie and Weston have comprehensively identified a critical “transit” oriented need to construct this project to reduce the existing and projected future traffic congestions impacting the three neighboring municipalities.
Address: Town of Southwest Ranches, 6589 Southwest 160th Avenue, Southwest Ranches, FL 33331

Name: Town of Davie
Title: Davie Road Upgrade
Amount: $500,000
Purpose: The Town of Davie seeks to upgrade Davie Road to a 6-lane arterial roadway with bike lands and a planted median from State Road 84 to Nova Drive (SW 24 Street) for approximately 0.5 miles. In current conditions, this segment operates at a traffic level of service “F”. Without the proposed improvements, this road segment will maintain its level of service “F” while adding trips in 2030 conditions. This roadway serves as a primary north-south connection into the Regional Activity Center (RAC), one of the Town’s redevelopment areas. In addition to increasing roadway capacity, the project will encourage bicycle, pedestrian and transit modes within the RAC. These improvements are recommended in the 2007 Town of Davie approved RAC Master Plan and the 2008 Town of Davie approved Local Road Master Plan.
Address: Town of Davie, 6591 Orange Drive, Davie, FL 33314