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More political dominoes and conspiracy theories

State Rep. David Rivera of Miami just called on his way home from a Washington fundraiser for his state Senate campaign with this possibility: If Gov. Charlie Crist appoints U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart of Miami to fill the rest of U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez's term, and Rep. Mario-Diaz Balart runs for his brother's more Republican-friendly seat, then Rivera says he would run for Mario's seat.

If Rivera lost the special election for Congress, he could continue running for the state Senate in 2010.

"No one knows the district better than I do,'' said Rivera said. "There's no down side. I'd either be a congressperson or a state Senate candidate."

Rivera, who has raised more money than any other state Senate candidate in Florida, added, "I feel confident I could raise the necessary funds quickly for a congressional campaign."

But consider this: Rivera could be raising this scenario only to deflect attention from a possible congressional bid by former House Speaker Marco Rubio. If donors think Rubio is going to drop his Senate bid for Congress, whatever money is out there could dry up.

Wait there's more: What if Fidel dies and the Castro brothers lose power in Cuba? Would Diaz-Balart skip out of the Senate seat to become the democratically elected president, requiring a second appointment by Crist?

Expect more head-spinning political dominoes and conspiracy theories in the coming days...