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Wasserman Schultz's scooter gets a presidential shout-out

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's newest companion -- a tiny scooter that helps her get around with a broken leg -- got a nod from President Obama today as they paired up to rally support for health care reform.

"Debbie, I heard you're on a scooter," Obama said to Wasserman Schultz as he arrived at Democratic National Committee headquarters for a televised town hall. "I want to see it. That's pretty cool, always stylish."

Wasserman Schultz preceded Obama to the microphone, urging volunteers with the administration's political arm -- Organizing for America -- to keep pressing for health care reform.

"We need you to keep volunteering, organizing, pounding the pavement," Wasserman Schultz said. "The most sweeping reform of our generation is right within our grasp and we must seize it."

Obama is urging OFA'ers to tune out the cable noise and the racous Town Halls and push for health care reform. "You are the best ambassadors," he said.