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Biden cites Florida for rising health care costs

Vice President Joe Biden stepped into the health care debate today, speaking to a group of state insurance commissioners where he unveiled a new White House report on rising health care costs across the country.

The report found that health insurance premiums in states had gone up between 90 and 150 percent in the last decade -- far faster than wages and inflation.

"From Alaska, where premiums increased 145 percent over that period, while wages grew just 35 percent to Florida, where premiums increased 121 percent, while wages increased 43 percent," Biden said. "And even in Michigan, which is being battered now as a consequence of this Great Recession, and Michigan, which was the best -- where there was only a 37 percent gap between premium and wages is actually the smallest -- but still a 37 percent gap."

Florida placed 14th on the list with a 121 percent increase. See the report here.