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Check out GOP ad on healthcare airing in Florida

Here's the national Democratic party's response: Michael Steele and the Republicans are unbelievable.  After failing to stop the President on the Recovery Act, the budget, equal pay for women and children's health care, Republicans have decided that they have no other choice when it comes to blocking health insurance reform than to lie to the American people and try to scare seniors - all in their admitted effort to 'break' the President on this issue and 'kill' reform for political gain. 

But, Michael Steele takes the cake - appearing in an ad today promising 'zero' cuts to Medicare less than 24 hours after he told ABC's Top Line, that 'absolutely' there needed to be efficiencies and an elimination of waste in Medicare - which is exactly what President Obama and Democrats have proposed.  The RNC's 'Senior's Bill Of Rights' is nothing more than a scare tactic built on a foundation of lies about the effort to reform health insurance.  Which begs the question, why can't Republicans debate health insurance reform on the merits instead of making stuff up out of whole cloth?  Because they know the crux of what President Obama has proposed - lowering costs, preserving choice, expanding access and reversing decades of unfair insurance industry practices - is popular with the American people and they don't stand a chance of blocking reform if they deal with the issue honestly. 

Instead, Republicans have substituted scare tactics for substance and lies for the truth. And now, the very Republicans who opposed the creation of Social Security and tried to dismantle it less than four years ago -  and the same Republicans who have worked against Medicare since its inception - are now standing up for seniors?  With all due respect to Michael Steele - that dog just won't hunt.