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Gelber leads in A.G. race, but there's a catch

Supporters of state Sen. Dan Gelber's campaign for attorney general are touting a recent Florida Chamber poll that shows the Miami Beach Democrat has a lead in his primary race against state Sen. Dave Aronberg. (Really? The chamber hasn't released any such poll). Turns out it's true: Marian Johnson, who runs the chamber's Political Institute, says the group did a statewide poll in early August of 605 voters on various issues. The Democratic sub-sample for the Gelber-Aronberg race was smaller (about 350 voters, Johnson said, with a slightly higher margin of error, about 5.5-percent age points).  

Here are the resuts: Gelber, 16 percent; Aronberg, 9 percent; undecided or no opinion, 75 percent. The Chamber's Marian Johnson offered the best analysis of these numbers: "That poll really doesn't tell you anything," she said. "We know Dan Gelber. We know Dave Aronberg. The public doesn't. This far out, people just don't know who they are."

-- Steve Bousquet