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Crist blasts 'despicable politics of personal destruction' over his nominee

Gov. Charlie Crist called the Herald/Times today to underscore his interest in having the Public Service Commission postpone its ruling on the rate case and to comment on the uproar over his nominee, Steve Stevens, who owns a bar and lounge.

Crist critics are circulating ads from Rick's Cabana Lounge advertising "Lingerie Fantasy Fests," "Wet Dream Shots," and a "Get 'Layed' Sunday Night Luau.'

"It's really despicable,'' Crist said. "They're doing it because they're frustrated, because they can't raise rates..That kind of political destruction is over and I don't accept it.''

He continued to defend Stevens, the former finance director of the Escambia County sheriff's department who is half-owner and manager of the bar. "Enough is enough,'' Crist said. "I picked him because he's an honest man and he's trying to earn a living. The politics of personal destruction is wrong. They're frustrated because they can't get more out of the people so they're going after him."

Does it bother you that he runs a rather 'racy' bar? "What does racy mean?,'' he answered?

As close to a strip club as you can get. "It's never as bad as they make it out to be,'' he said. "He's trying to make a living and because they're not beholden to FPL and Progress Energy and whoever else, they get attacked. I've had it with that stuff.''

Crist added that "it was time to clean house'' and that he has heard a storm of complaints about his picks. "The entire utility establishment is not happy with your governor today,'' he said. ''That's okay. I don't work for them. I work for you. I work for the people."