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FPL coordinated with AIF to call for investigation of Argenziano

Associated Industries of Florida President Barney Bishop makes no secret of the fact that Florida Power & Light is a member of its board and the lobbying organization supports its members, even to the point of intervening in support of the company's rate case.

But when Bishop called the press conference on Thursday to bash Public Service Commissioner Nancy Argenziano for being impartial and unethical, he made no mention of the fact that FPL had helped coordinate the event.

As reported by the Palm Beach Post, Bishop's public relations firm, Ron Sachs, asked FPL to edit the press release before AIF put it out. FPL spokesman Mark Bubriski told the Herald/Times, "they sent it to us as a courtesy. I corrected a typo and sent it back.'' According to the Post, the press release appears to be authored by FPL. But Alia Faraj, a Sachs executive, told the Herald/Times they wrote it but "they wanted us to show it to them.'' Clarification: Faraj says "they" meant Bishop.

Sources close to FPL said that Bishop also met on Wednesday to discuss the press conference with FPL executives Wade Litchfield, Ed Tancer and Ken Hoffman.