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Gelber says he raised $315 K for quarter, $65k over goal

Sen. Dan Gelber, running for Attorney General in the Democratic primary against fellow Sen. Dave Aronberg, just sent an e-mail to supporters announcing he exceeded his $250,000 quarterly fundraising goal by about $65,000 -- and $100,000 of his total was raised online.

No word yet on money matters from the Aronberg camp. Republican AG candidate Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp's campaign folks say their accountants are still tallying the numbers. And AHCA head Holly Benson, the buzz has it, will decide whether to challenge Kottkamp after seeing his numbers.

Here is Gelber's e-mail:

When I announced for Attorney General, I knew I would have to depend on you to lift the campaign.  Our success would be up to you. So thank you for your contribution and your support.

Our goal for this quarter was $250,000. We thought it was a healthy goal for a down ballot primary in the dead of summer. But I was still unsure how realistic it would be.

But you responded. Nearly 1200 of you stood up and helped raise $315,000 in the last 3 months. In total, almost 1700 people have invested in our campaign since we started, including $100,000 online since late June.

But we still have a lot of work to do.  So please keep talking us up, and encouraging your friends to go to www.dangelber.com.  The GOP may have their legions of special interests worried about an Attorney General who is unafraid to vindicate the rights of everyday people, but I have you. I'll take those odds any day.

Thanks, I am grateful for your support.