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LeMieux votes with Al Franken

Proving that he won't always toe the Republican party line, U.S. Sen. George LeMieux yesterday backed an amendment proposed by Democrat Al Franken of Minnesota that would withhold defense contracts from companies like Halliburton if they stop employees from taking sex discrimination and assault cases to court.

"I can't see in any circumstance that a woman who was a victim of sexual assault shouldn't have her right to go to court," LeMieux said, according to "So, that is why I voted for it."

The story adds: Although Franken chatted up LeMieux on the Senate floor before the vote, LeMieux said that he had already made his decision. But, LeMieux added, Franken's talk didn't hurt."I had decided to vote for it before I came here, but I was happy to hear his argument for it," LeMieux said. "He did what a senator should do, which was he was working it. He was working for his amendment."