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Meek makes his case in DC

Kendrick Meek says he's got momentum on his side -- and that Gov. Charlie Crist's candidacy is softer than it appears. Meeting with national reporters and bloggers in DC today, Meek said an internal poll that shows him trailing Crist, also shows the gap narrowing once people know his background. And the poll suggests Crist's job performance rating is slumping as voters believe the state's economy is worse than the national economy, Meek said

"Just going around the state and releasing turtles and showing up outside fire stations and saying 'We love firefighters' on 9/11 isn't going to cut it," Meek said of Crist, criticizing the Republican front-runner's frequent feel-good appearances across the state.

Some Florida Dems have questioned Meek's viability against Crist, but Meek said the campaign is "gaining momentum every day." He called himself a "walk-on candidate," saying he wasn't recruited to run for the seat -- but said Democratic leaders are rallying to his cause. He pointed to a fundraiser this week headlined by former President Bill Clinton, (his fourth for Meek) along with Florida Sen. Bill Nelson and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

"I think we'll see now a better campaign," Meek said. "Voters want someone who will go to work for them every day."