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Now if only Obama could get Meek's name right

U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek is trying to milk his sharing space with President Barack Obama for all it's worth -- no matter that the president mistakenly called him "Kendrick Meeks'' at the Miami Beach fundraiser for congressional and senate Democrats on Tuesday.

"Yesterday, President Obama made a special appearance with Congressman Meek in Miami because he knows Kendrick will be a vital force for change in the United States Senate,'' says the e-mail from Meek's U.S. Senate campaign.

"Special appearance?'' Yes, Meek was invited to greet the president when he got off Air Force One in Miami, but come on, the president came to Florida for a two-day visit that included the fundraiser and visits to a Jacksonville Navy base and new solar plant in Arcadia.

Meek's campaign also thanks the president for his "support."