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Parsing Charlie Crist's parsing

So. Gov. Charlie Crist doesn't like the "ridiculous" notion of quantifying his hours, as we did in this story that he responded in detail to here. In his response Crist says: "The schedule of a governor... does not reflect the endless hours spent briefing with agency leaders and staff, reading policy briefings and the day's news..."

Huh. The day's news?

Days news like this Oct. 21 story about Barack Obama coming to Florida? Or how about this Oct. 22 story about a poll showing Marco Rubio gaining ground in his race for U.S. Senate against Crist? The story ends thuswise: Just days before President Barack Obama makes his second trip to Florida, the poll pegged his approval at 48 percent. Unlike in February, when a more popular Obama touted his stimulus plan in Florida, Crist isn't planning to join the president next week. This is not to mention the numerous blogs and stories from other media outlets mentioning that Obama was Florida bound this week.

So imagine our surprise when Crist told the press yesterday that he was unaware of Obama's whereabouts when the prez was in his state.

``Where was he yesterday?'' Crist asked reporters. Told he was in Jacksonville, Crist said: ``First I've known of that.'' Asked whether his communications staff might offhandedly mention the president's in town, Crist said: ``If they want to.'' More here on that.

Weird. On Oct. 21, at 7:10 a.m. he had a "communications briefing." Must not have been told about this then, nor during his 8:30 a.m. "work and call time." But then, he was busy that day, according to his schedule.

The next day (date of the Crist-Rubio poll story) Crist had just two meetings, a 7:35 a.m. "communications briefing" and a call with staff chief Erik Eikenberg. Strange they didn't mention Obama was coming. The next morning, again, Crist had just two phone meetings, at 9 and 9:30, where he met respectively with spokeswoman Erin Isaac and Eikenberg. Strange they didn't mention the president was coming to the Sunshine State. Crist wasn't in state at the time, and was at two fundraisers in New York and the Detroit area.

But what do we know? This data (not the fundraiser stuff, which isn't public) comes from the governor's schedule.