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The talented Mr. Heffley, and the truth about Rubio

So much for the truthaboutrubio website. Launched this morning, it had press clippings that attempted to portray former House Speaker Marco Rubio as a less-than-desirable candidate against Gov. Charlie Crist in the Republican U.S. Senate race.

But then this guy from got involved and wondered if lobbyist/GOP campaign-meister Rich Heffley was behind it, noting: "A RedState reader prowled through the source code for the anti-Rubio website and found an interesting file that comes up. Here’s the source code: img src=”///Users/rheffley/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/moz-screenshot.png” alt=”" / "

So we asked Heffley, who played coy but wouldn't confirm or deny his involvement. Five minutes later, the site was shut down. It now says "This blog is protected, to view it you must log in."

Update: the site has returned.

An added point: Heffley (who along with his wife contributed the max $9,600 to Crist) works out of the Republican Party of Florida building and he's an advisor to the party. Assuming he's involved, is this evidence of coordination between the state party and the Crist campaign? Remember, it was chairman Jim Greer who wanted the party to back Crist** and rank-and-filers said no (actually, in county straw polls, they said hell no). So much intrigue. So many months to go.

Asked about the website and whether his campaign were involved, Crist said "not that I'm aware of."

Have you seen it?

"Yeah. Yeah. I saw it on the Sayfiereview. I think it was a Times (Buzz) blog," Crist said, noting that all the press clippings were "all in the public domain."

What about Heffley's potential involvement?

"I don't know that it's verified," Crist said.

**Note: I mistakenly transposed Rubio for Crist