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What Jeb Bush said about Charlie Crist

We asked a few folks at this weekends Jeb-a-Thon just what the former guv. said about the current guv. and just what was discussed.

Here's what an attendee sent us:

When conversations involved people's disappointment with Governor Crist (there seemed to be a lot of that - probably a good thing for Gov Crist there wasn't a straw poll, as I don't think his fortunes would have improved with this crowd), Governor Bush would typically deflect the conversation and change the subject.  He seems to have an incredible discipline and respect for the office, regardless of who occupies it, and that seems to come through.  He spoke a lot about policy and the things he was motivated to continue working on.  ALOT of discussion about education reform.  I swear the guy is more committed to that than anything else I've seen from any leader in my life.  He talks of our need to be more competitive in education if we are going to be able to compete with the emergence of global competition for commerce.   He was very energized about that, and it seemed infectious.  The weekend really was nothing more than a reunion of sorts, people catching up, and just being around old friends made over the last ten years. 
Chatter among the masses?  Concern about the drift with the state and Governor Crist's inattention to it (or at least his perceived lack of capability).  Amusement over Gov. Crist taking credit for the improvements in education achievement in Michigan.  Disappointment with how the party has been managed over the last couple years and alot of relief that Alan Bense is now involved.  He brings credibility and a lot of people respect him.  A lot of people happy to see Senator Thrasher returning to Tallahassee. Nothing you haven't already heard from your many sources, I am sure.