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Charlie Crist vague on Sarah Palin, Tim Geithner

From Hotline OnCall:

FL Gov. Charlie Crist (R) -- under fire from conservatives for his famous embrace with Pres. Obama at a Feb. event in support of the stimulus package -- would not embrace ex-AK Gov. Sarah Palin (R) today, noting that Palin hasn't offered her endorsement of his FL SEN bid....

But instead of hitching himself to a rising star in the GOP base, Crist simply noted Palin's apparent lack of interest in the race. Her support "hasn't been offered," he said when asked if he would welcome her backing.

Pressed whether he'd accept the endorsement if Palin offered it, Crist declined to answer, shutting the door of his SUV and driving off.

And unlike some GOPers who have called for Treas. Sec. Tim Geithner to step down for his role in the economic crisis, Crist offered a vague and noncommital response.

Interesting tidbit, especially the D.C. location. Fundraising again. Here was Crist's official work schedule for today:

11:30am          MEETING WITH PAT GLEASON (via phone)

11:45am          MEETING WITH SHANE STRUM (via phone).

That's it. Phoning it in. When asked if he should be back in Florida, Crist said he was working hard in the nation's capitol. (More here on that). Last month, when we did a story quantifying Crist's work schedule, he dismissed the effort as "ridiculous" (link here). Full hotline blog here.