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Family Research Council endorses Rubio

Marco Rubio has been a true friend of the family and the culture of life as a state legislator in Florida. Senators who will fight to defend the family against the radical leadership in the Senate are crucial to the future of our country.  Rep. Rubio has fought to protect mothers and their unborn children.  He supported pro-life legislation that would require doctors to complete ultrasounds before performing abortions thus giving the mother an opportunity to assess the consequences of her actions. 

Rep. Rubio also understands the importance of adult stem cell research in treating patients. He also endorsed legislation to ensure that taxpayers aren't forced to fund embryonic stem cell research. Rep. Rubio knows how taxes and out-of-control government spending burden our families.  We believe he will stand up to the White House and Senate leadership as they attempt to saddle our children and grandchildren with an overwhelming mountain of debt.

Rep. Rubio's many years of advocacy on behalf of pro-family causes will serve him well in the Senate.  FRC Action PAC believes that Marco Rubio will be a true advocate for the issues that best uphold and strengthen families.  We are proud to support his candidacy.