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Haridop warns of redistricting amendment fallout

Sen. Mike Haridopolos, chair of the Senate's redistricting committee, has sent a letter to all senators informing them of the "concern" several committee members have on the "potential adverse affects" that proposed constitutional amendments will have on Florida voters, "particularly racial or language minorities."

The so-called "Fair Districts" amendments would take the three current standards for creating voter districts and add six more standards. Attorneys at the committee this week said the standards could violate federal law, and lead to costly and drawn-out lawsuits as a result.

"I've had members of the Hispanic delegation and black caucus come to me about this, and clearly this wil reduce the number of minority lawmakers, is what they have concluded," Haridopolos said, echoing concerns that Orlando Democrat Sen. Gary Siplin voiced this week.

"This is going to take some affirmative action to protect the rights of people like me," said Siplin, a member of the black caucus.

Haridopolos said it's "pretty clear this amendment is in direct conflict with federal law," and next month his committee will hear from amendment proponents on why they believe otherwise.

Here's the letter: Download Haridopolos redistrict MemoToSenators_scan