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Rothstein's lawyer says big whop about living in client's house

Herbert Stettin, the trustee in the bankruptcy case involving Scott Rothstein's former law firm, raised questions today in court about Rothstein's defense attorney, Marc Nurik, living in one of his client's homes.

Stettin explained after the hearing that he wonders if the house was purchased with money from the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm -- dollars that should go to investors.

Nurik, who wasn't at the hearing, questions why the lawyers care where he lives. He said he moved into the house on Castilla Isle in Fort Lauderdale last year. He declined to be specific about how much he pays in rent and whether he paid in the past but said that he paid rent this month that went into an escrow account.

"If someone can pay to fix the kitchen I will pay even more rent,'' Nurik said. "The kitchen rotted out so there is no sink, half the kitchen was ripped out. There was no fridge for a month, there is no dishwasher. There is a little bar sink about the size of your two hands to wash dishes. ... They are concerned about my kitchenless house I am renting how about all the money being billed by attorneys running around on this bankruptcy estate that is going to leave no money for investors at the end of the day?"

Nurik also disputed rumors that he received $750,000 from Rothstein to represent him. Nurik said he has been paid ''a little'' but declined to say how much, and jokes that if Stettin can get his hands on that six-figure amount he'll split it with him.

"I'm not planning on getting paid by anything that is questionable or that I'm going to be forced to give it back,'' he said.

Ultimately will Nurik be summoned to a hearing to answer questions about how much he has been paid? Stay tuned.

Nurik and Stettin have a connection. Nurik worked for the law firm of John Genovese's before he went to work for Rothstein. Genovese has been retained by Stettin to pursue some claims.