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Avoiding a Florida 2008 redux

The Washington Post: "Eighteen months removed from a protracted presidential primary fight, a group of Democrats gathered by President Obama has recommended that the party effectively eliminate the influence of so-called superdelegates by redefining their voting power.

"The Democratic Change Commission, which was convened last August to examine the nominating process, is recommending that superdelegates -- also known as unpledged delegates -- be required to vote along with the electoral majority of their state."

Florida Democratic Party chief Karen Thurman says though the changes "unfortunately don't address the issues that put Florida's 2008 primary vote in question, today's action by the Change Commission is the first step in a long process."

Florida and Michigan in 2008 lost votes in the Democratic primary by scheduling their contests ahead of party-sanctioned primaries. Iowa's Quad-City Times reports that state expects to keep its front-runner status and that the commission is "recommending the DNC offer incentives for states to follow the party calendar by offering, for example, preferred seating and hotel accommodations at national conventions."