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David Rivera to Jim Greer: I want answers

David Rivera, Miami-Dade's Republican chairman and the best political pal of U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio, wants answers from Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer for his letter last week suggesting Rubio supporters were to blame for his troubles:


I trust you and your family enjoyed the Christmas holiday.  Thank you for your email of December 21st below in which you opine on the state of your chairmanship.  I wonder if you would clarify one issue for me.  You mention in your email that what you "do not enjoy is the support of all of the Republican primary campaigns for the United States Senate."  And that you will not "let the efforts of one campaign" deter you from your "mission" as chairman.
Have I missed something?  While I have heard an array of Republican voices calling for your resignation, from current elected Republican Party officials throughout the state, to longstanding Republican fundraisers (including Charlie Crist contributors), to former Republican elected officials and legislative leaders, I have not heard or seen anything similar from the U.S. senate campaigns of Marco Rubio, Bob Smith or any other Republican U.S. senate candidate.  Also, while I have heard and read about efforts by you and RPOF contractors to debilitate the campaigns of Republican U.S. senate candidates, I know nothing about their supposed efforts to debilitate your chairmanship.  Again, if I have missed something, please let me know; particularly since you cite these campaigns in the context of "slander and libel by a group of people bent on the destruction of the Republican Party."

These are serious charges against Republican candidates for public office in good standing.  If any U.S. senate campaign has engaged in the type of activity you reference in your email, then the state REC needs to know about it in detail post haste so that we may deliberate on a course of action.  However, if you cannot offer details, then these same U.S. senate candidates deserve an apology and retraction from you.  Otherwise, your assertions risk being deemed void of any credibility and being viewed simply as a desperate effort to scapegoat fellow Republicans in good standing in order to deflect attention from criticism of your record as chairman.  Furthermore, if this is a calculated effort to camouflage any alleged deficiencies in your chairmanship, by laying blame on, or raising the specter of, your support for Charlie Crist in our contested U.S. senate primary, then that would be equally unfortunate and unacceptable.  I sincerely hope that neither is the case.
So I ask you directly and specifically, when you state that you will not "let the efforts of one campaign" deter you from your work as chairman, to what "efforts" are you referring and to what "one campaign" are you referring?  Please be detailed and specific in your response.  Irrespective of your response to this email, I wish formally to request that this specific matter -- to wit, "Efforts of one (U.S. senate) campaign to deter (Chairman Greer) from mission as chairman" -- be placed on the agenda for discussion at our January state REC meeting, as well as the chairmen and state committee caucuses.  I believe a serious charge such as this merits serious discussion by the state REC.  Thank you again for your email.  I wish you and your family a safe and happy new year and look forward to seeing you at the January meeting in Orlando.
Respectfully submitted,
David Rivera
Republican Party of Miami-Dade County