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Flip Flop alert. Marco Rubio and the stimulus

Adam Smith notest that we've struggled lately to get a clear answer from Marco Rubio on whether as governor he would have accepted money from the federal stimulus package about which he is so critical. Keith Cate on Tampa Bay's NBC affiliate got a clearer answer:

"Ultimately," Rubio said. "I would have accepted those portions of the money that would not have put Florida in a worse position off in the future than it is right now."

How Crist like. Others who "ultimately" came to the same conclusion: Nearly every Republican in the Legislature, including Rubio buddy and supporter number one: David Rivera. The state House's powerful appropriations chairman helped write the stimulus laden budget. And they'll soak up billions more in tasty Democratic government bailout money again this year.

Watch the video, which includes segment with Gov. Charlie Crist, here.