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George LeMieux: The Candy Man

Hopefully the Senate health care bill will include a dental plan. Seems Florida Sen. George LeMieux has been given the working space on the Senate floor designated as the "Candy Desk." Part of a long Senate tradition involving the chamber's wooden desks, the candy desk inhabitant -- often a new member -- is responsible for indulging the Senate's sweet tooth.Candy_drawer

LeMieux said the desk -- located in the back row on the Republican side -- is quite popular.

"It turns out senators have a very sweet tooth," he said. So far the desk has been stocked with mini Hershey bars and Werther's Originals, but LeMieux said his office is looking for some Florida companies to "bring in some local flavor." 

According to Senate lore, the desk dates to 1965 when Sen. George Murphy of California began keeping a supply of candy in his desk "for the enjoyment of fellow senators."