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Sen. Storms wants school locker room safety amped up

Tampa Bay Republican Sen. Ronda Storms, concerned over the lack of adult supervision in a middle school locker room where a male student was repeatedly raped last year by his peers, says she will propose legislation that requires more security.

Storms "You cannot put a bunch of kids in a locker room and expect they're going to be safe," Storms said Tuesday. "Even if we did not have the reality of kids getting raped and assaulted, thinking about 'sexting.' You have enemies in your locker room and you're getting down to your skivvies, so what's to keep a kid from taking a picture of you and putting that out there?"

Storms said she asked the Department of Education shortly after the May 2009 Walker Middle attack for information about what sort of locker room supervision policies are in place in Florida's 67 school districts, and who does the supervising. She told Commissioner Eric Smith during a committee meeting Tuesday that she has yet to get the information.

"They told me the answer is complex, and it will take time to compile," Storms said. "But it seems to me like it takes just one e-mail from the DOE, sent to each school district, asking for the answer. I'm not looking for anything fancy. I'm just looking for yes or a no."