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C-L-I-N-K for J2J?

The Florida Supreme Court, with a 2-page order, just ensured those committee meetings are considerably briefer this coming legislative session.

Capitol gadfly Brian Pitts, aka Justice2Jesus, was just ordered to spend 5 months in the Pinellas County jail for practicing law without a license, after the Court found Pitts violated a previous order stemming from 2006 when the Florida Bar filed a petitition against Pitts.

Pitts' troubles date back to 2003, when he met Jeanie Nardozi -- a relationship that would lead to his first arrest for illegally practicing law. He said he represented her in a paternity and divorce case. Court records show he also represented her in 2003.

In 2006, he listed himself as the "attorney in fact" for Calvester Benjamin-Anderson in a discrimination case against the Manhattan Beauty School in St. Petersburg, court records show. He was arrested in June 2007 by the Pinellas Sheriff's Office.

This week's Supreme Court order gives Pitts 5 days to turn himself in to the Pinellas jail, or have deputies come looking for him. The order also allows Pitts 15 days to ask for another hearing.

Sooooo... we're guessing that relief bill that Sen. Gary Siplin filed for Pitts isn't going anywhere this spring?