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Ex-Hollywood official has one night left in jail

Former Hollywood City Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom will be released from the Broward jail Wednesday and will spend the next six months on an ankle monitor.

Wasserstrom was convicted in 2007 of lying on conflict of interest forms related to a city deal. Once he exhausted his appeals he started his 60-day jail sentence last month but is eligible for early release.

As part of his probation, Wasserstrom was ordered to pay about $23,000 in court costs for the Broward State Attorney's Office to prosecute him.

"They choose every once in a blue moon at their own discretion which defendants they would like to pay them back," said Adam Swickle, Wasserstrom's attorney.

Wasserstrom, a suspended attorney, must participate in BSO's day re-entry program for six months which includes electronic monitoring, reporting to that program office multiple times a week and abiding by a curfew -- and he must tell the truth.