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Jeb Bush Jr. comes to Rubio's defense

Jeb Bush Jr. wrote a letter to The Miami Herald in response to a biting column by Carl Hiaasen about U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio:

Carl Hiaasen's Feb. 14 Uncomfortable spotlight now on Rubio is unfair, inaccurate and based on false assertions and incomplete information. As the Florida House moves forward with its investigation of Ray Sansom, Marco Rubio has made clear that if he has any information useful to the inquiry he would share it, just as he has offered to in past inquiries of the matter. Hiaasen makes no mention of this.Hiaasen
shows a lack of understanding of how the Legislature works and fails to mention that Sansom was not plucked out of obscurity by Rubio to be a leader, but was elected speaker-designate by a majority of his colleagues and unanimously chosen speaker. Hiaasen claims that, as speaker, Rubio should have known about the budget item that ultimately led to Sansom's indictment. However, the very premise of the criminal case against Sansom hinges on the fact that he disguised an appropriation in the budget to hide its true purpose.There were no shortage of individuals and organizations with access to the budget
-- the governor's office, media, watch-dog groups. Not a single person raised questions about this project. Neither the Democratic Caucus in the House or Senate, not Gov. Crist, whose staff inquired about the projects but chose to approve them. While columnists are entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own facts.