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Marco Rubio, AKA 'a slick package from Miami'

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio's campaign is objecting to a quote in today's Herald/Times story in which state Sen. Mike Fasano -- a supporter of  Gov. Charlie Crist -- called Rubio "a slick package from Miami."

Campaign spokesman Alex Burgos came close to suggesting that Fasano was trying to appeal to negative stereotypes about Hispanic politicians from the cesspool of corruption that is South Florida.

"We know what he's getting at,'' Burgos said. "There's something about Miami that he thought was important to include in that description...It's alarming given the subtle references and connections that the Crist campaign has tried to etch in voters' minds about Marco Rubio and his record and how that all plays into where he's from.''

This is not the first time that the Rubio camp has complained that Crist or his supporters are trying to remind voters that he is a Cuban-American from Miami -- considered an exotic species in some parts of Florida -- and it probably won't be the last.