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More on Joe Biden's mystery dinner guest in Miami

The rumor that Vice President Joe Biden hung out with Gov. Charlie Crist when Biden was in Miami on Jan. 16 to talk about Haiti won't go away. So in the pursuit of truth and justice, a call was made to the restaurant where the alleged meal took place, Il Gabbiano.

A woman who answered the phone identified herself as the hostess but would not give her name responded affirmatively when ashed if Biden was there with Crist. She referred the call to the restaurant's comptroller, Maggie Rohe, who said yes, Biden dined there that night -- but he was with his wife, Jill Biden, not Crist.

"It was just the two of them and a large amount of security,'' said Rohe, who was not there personally but said she was the spokesperson for the restaurant. "He wanted to sit outside on the terrace, and he loved it. It was a beautiful night in Miami."

Asked why the hostess confirmed that Crist was there, Rohe said she must have misunderstood the question. "Her English is not so good,'' she said.

Will this blog satisfy the conspiracy theorists? Probably not.