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Cannon: Answers needed about Louisiana oil spill before we change course

DeanCannon_FLGOV_8 The chief sponsor of the proposal to open Florida waters for exploratory drilling off the coast said Tuesday that the oil rig blow out off the coast of Louisiana last week raises new questions that will need answers before he is ready to pull the plug on his plan.

"I support Sen. Nelson's call for a full investigation and we have to figure out what happened, why it happened and determine that before we do anything else,'' said Rep. Dean Cannon, R-Orlando, the designated House speaker in 2011. "It enhances my desire to see not only what happened but what procedural safeguards we would want to implement if Florida would want ot pursue it.

"It causes me to what to examine what happened and how it could have been prevented and we need to figure that out before we make any further decisions.''