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Crist taking it 'one day at a time'

Miami Herald transportation reporter Al Chardy was among the reporters interviewing Gov. Charlie Crist today at the groundbreaking ceremony for the reconstruction of the State Roads 826-836 interchange near Miami International Airport.

Q When will you end the suspense and tell us whether you will run as an independent or at least whether you are leaning in that direction? The deadline is coming up,Friday?

A I haven't made up my mind yet. I'd like to be able to do before then because I just want to make sure that whichever way we go we get it right and file it right, you know.

Q What could possibly change between now and then?

A Hearing the advice of the people of Florida. That's the most important thing I've tried to do is listen to them and I continue to do so. It's too important a decision.

Q Do you think Florida voters want you to run as an independent?

A I'm not sure and there's only one way to find out and that's if we decide to do it but I haven't made that decision.

Q What do you say to some Republicans that if you do that that's a line that if you cross you can never come back?

A I don't know about that. It sounds a little melodramatic.

Q But that's what a lot of them are saying.

A Some of them. They have a right to say it.

Q Will you return Republican donor money, Republican Party money since you received that money as a Republican?

A You know, I think that's a decision that you have to make if you made a decision to go independent. I haven't made that decision yet.

Q Why show up at an event that has a lot of stimulus money?

A Because it creates jobs for the people of Florida that I work for and that is first and foremost in my mind

Q If you win as an independent, which party would you caucus with in Washington - the Republicans or Democrats?

A You're way ahead of me. One day at a time.