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Cannon revokes Crist endorsement; others considering it

UPDATED: Speaker-designate Dean Cannon is revoking his endorsement of Gov. Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate race after the veto of the teacher merit pay bill, he told Crist in a letter sent Thursday.

Earlier in the day, Cannon was coy about his decision, saying he wanted to talk to the governor first but acknowledged he was considering it. He is the second lawmaker to do so, following freshman Rep. John Tobia.

A number of other Republicans in the House are considering doing the same, including Speaker Pro Tem Ron Reagan.

"Hell yeah it's on my mind," added Rep. Rich Workman, another Crist-backer now on the fence. "I'm heartbroken." Workman took personal exception to Crist comparing the Florida House to the uncompromising Democratic Congress. "That was a low blow," he said.

But three other Republicans in the House held steady. Reps. Jimmy Patronis, Steve Crisafulli and Chris Dorworth said they were not re-considering their endorsements.