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Obama's Miami-Dade get-out-the-vote director ducked out of town early

Last August, eyebrows were raised when the former deputy campaign manager for Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Steve Hildebrand, quietly left as senior advisor to Kendrick Meek's fledgling Senate bid.

A Washington Post profile on Hildebrand doesn't address that departure, but it provides an interesting look at Hildebrand, whom it says is battling depression and ticked off Obama campaigners when he showed up on election night 2008 in Chicago.

"In the final three weeks of the race, the campaign dispatched him to Obama-friendly South Florida for voter turnout," the story says. "On Election Day, he took a 4 p.m. flight from Miami to Chicago, where the senior officials had gathered to watch the returns.

" 'He went from being the deputy campaign manager to basically being the Miami-Dade get-out-the-vote director,' " says the White House official, testily adding that Hildebrand showed up in Chicago before polls closed. 'He walked into the war room -- we were all stunned.' "