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President Obama gets an oil spill update -- and pledges a kicked up response

With Florida lawmakers hoping the spill in the Gulf of Mexico will convince administration officials to back off from plans to lift an oil drilling ban, the White House released this photo of President Barack Obama starting his daily intelligence briefing with an update on the spill.

4562772239_0da078afe9 Carol Browner says the plan to lift the drilling ban only "starts a process" and that "obviously what's occuring now will be taken into consideration in that plan."

Robert Gibbs is giving a briefing now on the administration's efforts on the accident, saying Obama is dispatching three Cabinet Secretaries to the site, including Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano. Napolitano said the spill has been designated a "spill of national significance."

Gibbs said the administration also may send military
ships to help control damage from the spill. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which oversees offshore energy development, will hold a hearing May 6 to look at the Interior Department's plans to lift the drilling ban, as well as the accident in the Gulf of Mexico.